Why Community and Art Go Hand and Hand?

by | May 24, 2021 | News

Art and community make a healthier binary that is mutually beneficial. Thriving communities beget great art. Similarly, great art helps communities in strengthening their social fabric. There are multiple reasons why community and art go hand in hand and feed on each other.


Public Spaces— Great for Community Building and Creative Displays

One thing that holds community and art together is public spaces. Having art competitions and exhibitions in public spaces ensures that every member of the community can participate in them without any constraints. Also, artists get the needed motivation when they operate in public spaces. It pushes them to create things that can garner widespread public appreciation.

In short, public spaces are a great meeting point for art and community. With the right art projects and exhibitions centered on public spaces, organizations can run a great community-building exercise.


Art Is Not Biased and Bigoted— a Community Boasting Peaceful Coexistence

Art doesn’t have a religion, race, color, caste, and creed. It can serve as one of the common denominators for a community that has people from all different backgrounds. In other words, a thriving art scene can help a heterogeneous community to continue to live in coexistence with peace.


Art Engages Youth— the Building Block of a Community

Youth is the future of any community. Guiding youth in the right direction means securing the future of the community. However, it is always difficult to attract youth towards their civic duties and other responsibilities in terms of community building.  

Art can serve as a great tool to engage youth in community-building activities. On one hand, community-oriented art projects let young people realize their artistic/creative potential. On the other hand, it helps them in understanding the importance of community and their role in further bolstering good communal values.


Art Promotes History and Preservation of Places—

Any community inhabits a particular place that has its own history and type with its buildings, parks, and other landmarks. A healthy, thriving community takes care of the place and all its inanimate features. On the other hand, arts have this inherent quality of creating a driving force to preserve and upkeep places.

Edmond Fine Arts Institute is keeping the connection between arts and community alive in Edmond, Oklahoma for more than 35 years. This nonprofit community organization spearheads visual and performing art activities across the city.