Supporting Your Local Arts Organization

by | Sep 27, 2021 | News

Indeed, art and culture do not need many resources to develop since they emerge and grow themselves, but supporting your local arts organization facilitates creating artists and innovators, free and original spirits. Art is one of the most concrete tangible manifestations of the culture and therefore requires the society’s contribution.


Giving Significance to Local Arts Organizations

Teaching arts and culture is not educating history and artistic techniques, but it involves a manifestation of cultural elements of that specific time. Concerns about climate change cannot be seen in the work of Renaissance creators as it does today, or the display of the religious scenes is not done with the same eagerness as can be seen in the art of yore. Your local art institute provides collective knowledge that artists and experts have worked over for centuries to individuals of all ages, and it needs support for the same reason. This is the concept on which the Edmond Fine Arts Institute, Oklahoma’s arts leader, is based on offering and expanding art and cultural enrichment for children and adults.


Arts Organizations Need the Same Attention as Sports Institutions

Art should not be seen as a mere subject reserved for a few but as essential content for the development of individuals and a community as a whole that accompanies them through the different stages of life. It requires the same attention that other disciplines get. Recent evidence is enough to confirm the benefits of art training from an early age.

The qualities and skills needed in the modern business world, such as creativity, critical thinking, innovation or interpersonal skills, are based on the stimuli instilled from a young age. These qualities have nothing to do with being fluent in any language or being a mathematics guru. Alternative thinking, creative problem solving, and other skills required in the real world are closely associated with art training.


Why Support Your Local Arts Organizations

The benefits of supporting your local arts organization are diverse. Supporting your local arts organization is:

  • facilitating art education is like encouraging alternative thinking and critical problem solving
  • encouraging the development of qualities such as tolerance and sensitivity
  • appreciating diversity and opening an intercultural dialogue, and
  • developing intellectual and creative abilities in children and adults

Thus, the knowledge you develop in your companies, your solidarity or image issues, and your concern for future generations rhyme with the responsibility to support your local fine arts institute.

Contact the Edmond Fine Arts Institute at (405) 340-4481 or email at and support to animate this venerable school and equip the young people who have chosen arts deep life to be helpful to the society that is emerging.