Edmond Fine Arts Institute—The Chief Patron of Arts in the City and the Facilitator of Edmond VIBES

by | May 3, 2021 | News

Edmond Fine Arts Institute has been serving the people of Edmond for all their artistic and creative likings and passions for decades. At Edmond Fine Arts Institute, we don’t serve any particular demographic. No matter what is your age, gender, race, and occupation, you are always welcome.

Whether you are a homemaker, a full-time employed individual, or a school-aged kid, you can get your artistic kick and creative juices flow at Edmond Fine Arts.


A Place that Keeps Tabs on Every Art Scene in the City

If you are an art lover in general and want to stay updated about all the arts-related activities in the city, you should be on the mailing lists Edmond Fine Arts Institute. Whether it is an art class you have enrolled in or an event taking place anywhere in the city, you can get all its updates straight into your inbox.


A Place that Proactively Nurtures Artistic Activities in the City

Like traditional art institutes, our organization doesn’t just conduct sessions and classes on fine and performing arts. We proactively pursue artistic activities whenever and wherever they take place in the city. Our relentless and unconditional support for art for over 35 years has earned us an unmatched reputation among art lovers and supporters.


The Showrunner of Edmond VIBES

Our impressive track record of over three decades is also the reason why the city administration and Downtown Edmond Business Association (DEBA) have chosen us to oversee one of the most anticipated art activities of the city of late i.e. Edmond VIBES.

VIBES is a come-and-go art walk created last year where local artists collaborate with local businesses in downtown Edmond every first Thursday of the month (April-Oct). However, it is slightly different from regular art walks. The idea of VIBES is to create a space that simultaneously bustles with business and creative activities. These are the two main objectives of VIBES.

  • Local artists can share their talent, sell their art and perform for a community that is eager to support them.
  • Attendees can enjoy the art, listen to performing artists, patronize businesses, dine at local restaurants and take part in interactive art while cherishing time with family and friends.


If you are a budding artist and want to display your creativity and skills to one of the biggest audiences in the city, you should get in touch with Edmond Fine Arts Institute and become a part of VIBES—a one of its kind art walk in the entire state of Oklahoma.