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Marilyn Drey Garvey

July Featured Artist

Marilyn has always had a passion for the arts. She realized at a young age she had a gift for drawing and painting. During high school and college she painted several pieces but never pursued the path of an artist. It was not until she was married and had 5 children that this gift seemed to emerge once again. Her youngest child, now a teenager, allowed her more time to devote to this call.


At this point in her life, she was attending many free style, spontaneous worship services. Getting lost in the worship, she would begin to see clear detailed images. Painting what she saw was inevitable. This was not only painting with music, it was worship and communication with God. After the work was completed, Marilyn would sit down with pad and pen in hand, asking the Lord what everything meant. She would commence to write down what was revealed, sometimes just getting a title and other times getting a 2 page prophecy and revelation, which would explain every color and object in the piece. This is how it began and still is to this day.

Most of the paintings done early in her venture with prophetic art had a realistic style. Some of her most recent works are totally abstract and very much so, prophetic. The abstract pieces are done spontaneously, listening to worship music and painting with freedom to flow. She enjoys seclusion while creating, avoiding distractions and thus allowing her to press into the one on one with God.


The most inspiring thing to Marilyn is when someone gets a deeper revelation of her paintings. To Marilyn, there is no greater joy than God speaking to the hearts of people. or 405. 615-3720

Gallery Schedule

Artist receptions are the first Thursday of each month
5:00-7:00 unless otherwise noted


Marilyn Garvey (gallery opening Thursday, July 12)**
Jennifer Jones (gallery opening Saturday, August 4 6:30-9:30)
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Tracy Wente
Behnaz Sohrabian (gallery opening November 8)
Jennifer Hustis


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Cody L Rains
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