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Diane Goldschmidt & Diana Robinson

September Featured Artists

Gallery Opening:  Thursday, September 6th  5:30-7:30

Diane Goldschmidt


Moved from Missouri to Oklahoma to attend law school.  With her Juris Doctorate and a Masters in Business Administration she became Senior Counsel to a major corporation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Without any artistic training and quite by accident, she was bored while driving down the road on a Saturday afternoon in the 1990’s.  Thinking she could “slap some paint” on a canvas for fun she dropped into the local art store.  The clerk informed her that the store sponsored classes.   She called; she showed up; she painted; she was hooked.  While initially self-taught in acrylics she recognized the need for further education.  Since then she has studied oil painting with Gary Lennon, Dan Robinson, David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Jacqueline Kamin, Dennis Parker and Carolyn Anderson.   She has organized several emerging artists for an annual exhibit known as “All About Art” as well as entering and selling in various art shows. Now semi-retired from the practice of law she devotes her time to painting, playing golf, traveling and reading.



 Visit Diane’s website for more about her work!


Diana Robinson


My journey began 8 years ago after finding the most amazing box full of oil paints, brushes and canvases at an estate sale. I began taking basic drawing and painting classes with local teachers and then embarked on many hours of self practice leading to workshops learning from the masters.  


I love painting for all it offers. How oil paint on the tip of my brush when placed on the canvas can make me feel powerful and in control and simultaneously feel beat and out of control.  I love the unwavering promise each new painting brings, and how the struggle propels me forward and pushes me to become one with observation and total attention toward my subject. I can’t imagine a day without painting, or reading about painting, or looking at other artists paintings.


Visit her website for more about her work!


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Diane Goldschmidt and Diana Robinson
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Cody L Rains
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