Attending Art Galleries Can Improve Your Memory

by | Jul 31, 2019 | News

Here at Edmond Fine Arts Institute, we host an art gallery the first Thursday of every month and feature different artists. Do you want to improve your memory almost overnight? It’s easy! All you need to do is be willing to attend art galleries on a regular basis. Here are some reasons why going to an art gallery is good for your memory:



Art Inspires Your Visual Imagination  

When you use memory techniques, you draw upon visual imagination. You use visual words while using words only in your mind. The more visual iconography you see in your life, the more the visual words you use will hold. Experience leads to substance and exposure equals experience. The more art you see, the great depth the meaning words like “run”, “hit” or any other verb will have.



Art Helps You Make Mental Connections Between Space and Material Objects

When you look at art, you are never just “looking”. As yours eyes meet the graphic displays, ideas being to emerge. “Art” happens the moment you start thinking about what you’re looking at or noticing your emotional responses. You begin to be more conscious of what you’re thinking and feeling and you use your awareness to become more visual. One thing that will help you is if you choose to journal your thoughts while at the gallery. Writing down your responses can help you access your memory. Accessing your memory exercises your mind, which helps keep your mind fit!



Art Depicts Words in Visual Ways

If you have been to an art gallery recently, you have definitely seen how modern artists use words. Futurists make a big deal out of typefaces. Pop artists use comic strips. You don’t even have to enter an art gallery to see words used in graffiti on the streets in your city. Looking at art and paying attention to how artists use words is especially great for inspiring how you can use your visual imagination to memorize foreign language words and phrases. Next time you visit an art gallery, try and pay attention to how words appear in the exhibits.

There are tons of reasons why going to art galleries can improve your memory. You see so much art in many different ways that it gives you an incredible amount of exposure to new and exciting information that you will want to remember!

We hope you plan to attend our next gallery featuring Austin Navrkal. For more information, click HERE.