The Benefits of Art Classes for Children

by | May 2, 2018 | News

Early development holds a small window of opportunity for children to develop necessary skills they will require in life. Art classes are a fundamental way for kids to explore, and are often undervalued. Many parents don’t realize that literacy education isn’t limited to reading and writing. Art can provide a multitude of benefits for early development as well as literacy.


Academic Growth

Children in fine or performing arts programs are more likely to stay in school and be engaged with their subjects. If a child has trouble in a certain subject in school, he or she can use drawing a form of expression. Research has proven that education in the arts links closely with higher achievements in the following areas:

  • Thinking and social skills
  • Mathematics
  • Reading and language
  • Motivation to learn


Life Skills

Forms of practical arts such as cooking or woodworking can build life skills in other capacities.  These activities help develop patience in children, and can also polish motor skills and aid in coordination. Once a child has completed a project, they establish the ability to persevere and think creatively.


Career Advancement

Individuals with various forms of art training can open up a brand new world of career options. Jobs can range anywhere from advertising and event planning to roles in the fashion industry. Art education can even help with jobs that aren’t closely related to art themselves.


Gaining Confidence

When kids realize they’re able to perform tasks based off of what they’ve learned in art education, they often fall in love with these activities. This can play a vital role in the development of confidence. Children learn not only how to follow instructions but also how to get creative in their approach. It’s a satisfying feeling to make something with your hands from start to finish.


Reduction of Stress

While it may be difficult to understand how children find themselves stressed out, many adolescents benefit from soothing activities. Growing up in a judgmental world can be difficult for young ones to cope with. Art can be an outlet for frustrations of the everyday world.


Additional Benefits

Extra reasons to enroll your child in art education include:

  • Self-expression
  • Imagination
  • Development of self-esteem
  • Logical thinking
  • Understanding of other’s differences
  • Encouragement of risks