Community Partners

Community Partners

Edmond Public Schools

The Art in Schools Program provides over 3,000 3rd and 4th graders with 45 minute hands on art education classes each week at seventeen Edmond elementary schools.

City of Edmond Juvenile Court

Your Creative Side is an art based delinquency prevention program for teens. It offers art classes which encourage independent expression and hands-on experiences taught by Fine Arts Institute professional artists.

Your Creative Side sponsored by Edmond Electric.

University of Central Oklahoma

A partnership with the College of Arts, Media and Design provides assistance with curriculum, faculty and interns.

Pepper's Ranch

Visual arts stimulate problem solving, communication, and innovation, often helping children say what cannot be said. With funding from two impressive national foundations, the Fine Arts Institute is able to place our art instructors in this outstanding foster care facility. Art teachers work weekly with the children on creativity and self-expression through art.

Alzheimer's Association

Coffee and Creativity is an art therapy session offered to individuals with dementia. Classes provide a means of self expression through painting, drawing, and a variety of art mediums.

Art in Schools Program, a partnership with Edmond Public Schools

With the goal of providing cultural enrichment for the Edmond community, the Fine Arts Institute looks upon art as part of a well-rounded education. In September 2018, FAI began it’s 18th year of the Art in Schools program extending the reach of art instruction to 3rd and 4th graders in all seventeen elementary schools.  Throughout the school year, weekly 45 minute art education classes are taught by FAI faculty members at  participating sites.  This innovative collaboration reaches over 3,000 students each week with creative, hands-on art education.  

Research shows that children who  express themselves artistically will dramatically improve their skills of observation and retention along with their overall performance. Art in the Schools introduces art education that connects the students’ current curriculum with Oklahoma visual art standards. Art projects are designed to allow children to see their subject from a different viewpoint, expand the ways in which they absorb information, and express their understanding creatively.

The following elementary schools are currently benefiting from this partnership:

  • Ida Freeman
  • Orvis Risner
  • Sunset
  • Northern Hills
  • Will Rogers
  • Charles Haskell
  • Cross Timbers
  • Centennial
  • Heritage
  • Cross Timbers
  • John Ross
  • Clegern
  • Angie Debo
  • Washington Irving
  • West Field
  • Russell Doughty
  • Frontier Elementary
  • Chisholm
  • Redbud


The Art in Schools Program is sponsored by Edmond Economic Development Authority, Edmond Electric, Oklahoma City Abstract.


Fine Arts Institute faculty members include: Kyndal Dunn, Jackie Nelson, Jayne McDaniel, Alison Slotterback, Sarah McClure, Krystal Hays, Chris McGrady, Janet Irwin, Erin Latham, Sabrina Buccolo, Nancy Vinall,  and Erin Harris. The Art in Schools program is made possible by public and private funding including: Edmond Public Schools, the Rotary Club of Edmond, the Oklahoma Arts Council, plus multiple local businesses and individual support.

Coffee & Creativity – a partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association

Adults with early to middle stages of dementia engage in a special class led by art instructors while caregivers relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.


  • First Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted)
  • 10:00-11:30 am
  • There is no charge, but please contact the FAI to reserve a space at (405) 340-4481.

“Coffee & Creativity” is designed for people with early to middles stages of dementia helping them connect with memories through the creation of original artwork. This program, under the guidance of an art therapist, offers individuals a means of self-expression through the process of painting and drawing. People with diminished verbal and organizational skills can communicate using a variety of art mediums to recreate a memory or an idea on paper and canvas.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive and fatal brain disorder. More than 74,000 Oklahoman’s now have Alzheimer’s and that number is increasing in epidemic proportions. The disease destroys brain cells causing problems with memory, thinking and behavior. The disease process starts in parts of the brain which lay down new memories, or short-term memory. The parietal lobe, the center of creativity, is the last part of the brain to be affected. Previous information is still there for the Alzheimer’s person. Art offers a new pathway to old information.

Men and women who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia are eligible for this free program. Previous painting a drawing experience is not necessary but monthly registration is required.

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