Abiding by CDC Guidelines to Minimize Stress via Classrooms

by | Oct 29, 2020 | News

COVID-19 has not only affected the economy and health, but it is also responsible for disrupting our lifestyle. People are used to socializing, and no matter how much time we spend on digital platforms, we need face to face time. One of the many downsides of COVID-19 is stress-induced from lockdown.

On the other hand, students were excited about online education, but the never-ending lockdown has changed their minds. Concerning the mental state of the masses, CDC has introduced its guidelines for opening schools.

Edmond Fine Arts has taken the initiative to open its classes for students and reduce stress in COVID-19. In this blog, you will discover how this institute is playing its part in the fight against COVDI19.


CDC Guidelines for Schools


1.    Opening Schools With Extra Care – Curing Hazardous Water

Schools have been shut down for more than 6 months, and the education sector is falling behind. Students who were once excited about studying from home are suffering from anxiety and depression. With the reopening of classes, students will have a chance to meet their friends.

However, complying with CDC guidelines is of utmost importance. Since schools were closed, there has been no proper sanitary maintenance, and the water might have turned hazardous. The first step towards a safer environment is to fix the stored water or replace it.


2.    Limited Class Size

Marinating social distance is not easy when you see your friends after so long. However, keeping a safe distance will add your contribution to minimizing the spread of COVID-19. Edmond Fine Arts has reduced its class size in half and distributed the remaining students in other rooms. This ensures their students are safe from the virus, and their procedures comply with the CDC.


3.    Return Back To Daily Routine

When the pandemic took over the world, our living standards changed dramatically. People were forced to stay locked up in their homes, and this affected our daily routine. With schools slowly seeing the daylight, we can expect our lives to gradually become normal.

However, schools have a responsibility to protect the environment and limit the spread of this virus. Therefore, Edmond Fine Arts has implement plans for promoting a healthy environment and strategies to maintain healthy operations. The most prominent plan is the enforcement of strict no mask policies and the installation of sanitizers around the campus.


4.    Bringing Education Back On Track

College and University students are worried about their respective programs. Students are serious about their studies at this level of education and want to learn as much as possible. Online classes provided a temporary solution but studying from home is very difficult. Our minds have been trained to learn in a fixated environment.

Reopening these institutes would satisfy higher education students and minimize their stress. But CDC standards have to be implemented. According to the guidelines of the CDC, schools must prepare for the situation when someone gets sick. This could include on-spot medical specialists or ambulances on-the-go for quick transportation.


Ending Note

Through whatever lens we see, there is no going back from the damages caused by COVID-19. People are scared and anxious. However, opening up schools may show a glimpse of sanity in this COVID-infested world. With this said, Edmond Fine Arts is opening its doors in compliance with CDC guidelines for students to return back to their regular lives.