7 Different Forms of Art and Their Most Expensive Products

by | Dec 28, 2020 | News

People use different art forms to express themselves, each using different mediums and having different presentations. To organize these varying forms of expression, we can say that art has seven forms. These art forms have unique ways of impacting our lives and changing how we see the world. Understanding each category of art is important for appreciating their role in our lives. Many students at Edmond Fine Arts discover their true potential by exploring all these seven forms of art and then choosing the one they are passionate about.

7 Forms of Art

The world is full of colors and beautiful sceneries, but not all can be labeled under one name. Art is diverse, and it has seven forms. Discovering which form of art you enjoy and sticking to it is crucial for becoming an artist. Let’s take a closer look at the seven forms of art.

1. Painting

Painting is a way to express your emotions on a canvas. The colors, shading, and overall aesthetics of the painting reflect the artist’s personality. The first painting dates back to 40,000 years. The pre-historic people did not have colors and paintbrushes, so they used charcoal, dirt, and animal fat.

Among the seven forms of art, painting is the most recognized discipline. There have been amazing painters who made breathtaking visuals that are still sold at a high price. Do you enjoy pouring your emotions and feelings on a blank canvas? Edmond Art is the best art institute that can teach you the basics to the master level of painting.

2. Sculpture

Creating sculpture is one of the seven forms of art still recognized as a way to express creativity. It is a branch of visual arts that operates in 3 dimensions. One cannot put a price on the art of creating sculptures. However, the most expensive sculpture was sold for a whopping US$141.3 million in May 2015. This visual arts field has much potential, and Edmond Art institute has the best teachers in this discipline.

3. Pottery

Pottery is a discipline that focuses on feeling the art itself. Beautiful pots and bowls are created by spinning clay and shaping done by hands. This talent is recognized globally, and the most expensive piece of pottery was sold at US$37.7m.

4. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a discipline of visual arts that combines creativity and hand skills to produce beautiful letters, symbols, words, or sentences. It is one of the most soothing forms of art and can help anyone relax after a rough day. Today, calligraphy is used in logo designing and other projects related to graphics. The most expensive calligraphy was sold at a staggering US$64 million.

5. Performance Art

In performance art, the voice, body, and inanimate objects are used to convey artistic expressions. Performance art is still practiced and widely appreciated by its fans. The movement that created performance art and sought its recognition started in 1960, and it was mainly used to express music and poetry through expressions and dance.

6. Cinema

The most widely accepted and known form of art is the cinema. Given its reliance on technology, cinema is the most recent among all seven forms of art. Cinema is an evolved form of performance art that became known to the public through kinetoscopes, allowing people to watch movies one at a time. The most profitable movie to date is Gone with the Wind.

7. Music

The most ancient form of art is music. Vocal sounds played an important role in communication when speech was not developed. Now, music has become a part of our lives. Today, music is created in many different genres. No matter what you think of certain music genres, the fact that it provides a window into a society’s culture can’t be denied.

The Bottom Line

Art is the most intense form of individualism that the world has known. It’s a way for the artist to express their feelings. As society developed, art was categorized into its seven forms. While the different forms of art are practiced in their way, they are all subjected to creativity. At Edmond Fine arts, we believe in cultivating our student’s creativity and helping them unlock their true potential.