Art Therapy – 3 Ways On How to De-Stress with Art

by | Nov 30, 2020 | News

Art is the expression of emotions and feelings on a canvas. You will often see that art pieces reflect the artist and how that person felt while working. Art therapy on its own is an entire field of study that concentrates on de-stressing with art and getting in touch with your feelings.

Most of us understand the power of art instinctively as kids and feel joy when sculpting our masterpieces. However, art is also a form of de-stressing and relief for the mind and body. If you are stressed after work, looking at a beautiful painting will lighten your mood thanks to color psychology.


De-Stressing With Art – 3 Ways of Relaxing

Art is a collection of colors and strokes marvelously portrayed on an empty canvas. At Edmond Fine Arts, children are taught to display their emotions from a basic level, making them capable of designing masterpieces. However, you can also de-stress with art by doing simple art projects at home. Here are 3 ways you can release tension through art.


1.    Design a Postcard

If you are fresh out of creativity and looking to treat yourself with art therapy, designing a simple postcard might do the trick. Give your emotions an extra dimension by decorating them with your own hands. After you are done with your postcard, you can give it to your friend living abroad as a holiday gift.

2.    Draw with Response to Music

Music is also a means of de-stressing. It’s an audio form of art that can help you put your emotions on a canvas. You can create breath-taking pieces of art by simply moving your hands to the rhythm. Whatever emotions you feel while listening to your favorite track can inspire your art. All you have to do is plug in your earphones and start drawing.

3.    Get Creative with You Jewelry Box

Most of us aren’t good with pen and paper. Therefore, we chose to decorate 3D objects. You can give your jewelry box or any other item a facelift that satisfies your soul. Regardless of what way you alter the original personality of the item, you have a marvelous piece of art on your hands if your emotions and feelings are relaxed after the process.


The Bottom Line

De-stressing with art has been in practice for centuries. Many famous artists had troubled pasts that won’t let them sleep. This laid the foundation of art therapy as people started to recognize art as a way to relax the mind and the body. The art classes at Edmond Fine Arts are structured in an inspiring way that helps students reflect their true emotions on a canvas and de-stress themselves. So, join Edmond Fine Arts and tap into your creative side.