2021 Bucket List for Artists – Revive Your Creativity

by | Jan 28, 2021 | News

If you are worried that your 2021 will be like the last year locked up inside your house, think again. You can dedicate this year to the artist within you and get your creative juices flowing once again. We are sure there are plenty of ideas you never had time to enjoy. However, work from home gives you the advantage of living your dream. Here are 5 new things to try this year that revive your creativity.


3 Creative Activities for Adults

You can put your leisure time to good use this year by revoking your creative side. Here are 3 fun activities to enroll with Edmond Fine Arts this year for teens and adults.


1.            Take Up Pottery Classes

Do you love traditional pottery and the welcoming feel when you place your creations in the kitchen or other parts of your house? Well, you can start working on your pottery skills in 2021. With Edmond Fine Arts, you can get in touch with the artist within you and live your dream. You can learn the fundamentals of working with clay and glazes and enjoy making beautiful pottery for your home or even selling it online.


2.            Painting and Drawing

Painting is the art of expressing your emotions on a Canvas. However, without proper guidance, you cannot create beautiful masterpieces that awe-struck the viewers. With all the time in your hand, you can focus on what makes you happy. If you have a creative side ready to burst out its colors, trust Edmond Fine Arts to connect you with it. Moreover, you can enjoy connecting with like-minded people who are open to arts and crafts just like you.


3.            Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a form of art that pays well. If you have always been fond of mixing things and creating beautiful accessories, jewelry making is a perfect fit for your passion. Devote this year to igniting your passion for all things creative and make the most out of the leisure time in your hand.


3 Creative Activities for Kids

Why should grown-ups have all the fun when your kids can enjoy a busy routine as well. Here are 3 creative activities to spark your child’s curiosity and help them explore and learn about themselves.


1.   Children’s Theatre

If your child has a knack for drama and acting, don’t let it go to waste. This year you can work on your children along with yourself. Enrolling your children in theatre classes can help them connect with their emotional side and keep them busy occupied in a productive schedule.


2.   Saturday Art Class

Children are mostly bored on weekends and do unproductive activities that don’t facilitate their career growth. As a parent, this might have you thinking about Saturday activities. This year, you can give your child a positive life-changing experience by enrolling them in Saturday art classes. While your child is busy during the weekdays, you can help them work on their creative side on Saturday and leaving Sundays for family time.


3.   Clay and Pottery for Children

If your child loves playing with clay, you should help them embark on a career that makes them happy. Instead of taking conventional education, you can also help your children explore their creative side through clay and pottery classes. Monitor your child’s progress and help them decide which career is better for them in the future.


Ending Note

While you spent your 2020 staying at home, you can revive your family’s energy levels in 2021. With this bucket list of 2021 activities, you can spark yourself and your kids’ creative side by approaching a unique path. All the Edmond Fine Arts courses are taught by experienced artists, and you won’t feel disappointed with your progress. So what are you waiting for? Decorate your 2021 with thrilling creatie activities and live this year to the fullest!